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Pictures of shops, bars, cafés in Paris

Photographs of Parisian restaurants, cuisine, bistrots, boutiques, and hotels, by photographer David Henry. Regardez cette page en français

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In this picture Fauchon’s window display is offering their specials for the Pentacost holiday. Fauchon offers their own brand of Champagne and wine, and the heart-shaped candy boxes are theirs also.

The front window of Fauchon, the gourmet cuisine shop on rue de Sèze, behind Église de la Madeleine

Shopping addicts will be pleased to discover the boutiques of the Champs-Élysées stay open until midnight, including favorites such as Séphora.

Séphora, a perfume store on the Champs-Élysées

The stairs leading down from the fitting room at Arnys, at 14, rue de Sèvres in the 7th arrondissement

A staircase at Arnys, a high-end clothing boutique in Paris

A tranquil moment between customers at l’Épicerie du Marais, 3 rue de la Verrerie, at the corner of rue des Mauvais Garçons.

Watching the crowd go by in front of l’Épicerie du Marais

The Provençal chain specializes in scented soaps, perfumes and cosmetics

The Occitane soap and bath shop, on île Saint-Louis

The Tati chain was started in 1948 by a young Tunisian named Jules Ouaki, who pioneered the then-unknown concept of discount shopping.

The main headquarters of Tati, at Barbès-Rochechouart

This street is also home to cabinet makers’ studios, in passages behind the shops.

A furniture shop on rue du faubourg Saint-Antoine

Gentry Lane designs high-end lingerie made of 100% pure cashmere, silk and cotton.

Gentry Lane, a fashion designer in Paris

Shakespeare and Company, the English-language bookstore on the left bank, opposite Notre-Dame.

Shakespeare & Company, an English-language bookshop in Paris

The Roland Garros Tenniseum features plenty of recorded video footage of tennis matches.

The Tennis Museum, on the edge of Bois de Boulogne

One side of the stairs leading down to the Tennis Museum has been transformed in to a wall of racquets.

A wall of tennis racquets at the Roland Garros Tenniseum

A bronze sculpture by Bocquet, of eight tennis rackets entitled “Annan, Accumulation de raquettes”, at the Tenniseum, Paris.

A bronze sculpture on display at the Roland Garros Tennis Museum

Swiss Gruyère on display at La Fromagerie, the famous cheese shop at 31 rue Cler.

La Fromagerie on rue Cler

Monumental-size chocolate in the shop window at Cacao & Chocolat on île Saint-Louis.

Chocolate in the window at Cacao et Chocolat on rue Saint-Louis en l’Île

Léo le Lion: fish and game by Françoise and Didier in Paris

Léo le Lion with its velvet banquettes and candle-lit tables

Established in 1845, Crémerie Restaurant Polidor, one of Paris’ oldest bistros, has been patronized by the likes of André Gide, James Joyce, Ernest Hemingway, Antonin Artaud, and Jack Kerouac.

The restaurant Polidor, on rue Monsieur-le-Prince

The restaurant, coowned by film director Luc Besson, opened in 2001

Tribal sculpture at the Market restaurant, on avenue Matignon

Musicians playing and people hanging out in front of Bistrot des Oies, on rue Marie et Louise.

Bistrot des Oies, next to Canal Saint-Martin

Baxo, a trendy restaurant up the hill from Canal Saint-Martin, at 21 rue Juliette Dodu.

Baxo, a hip restaurant behind hôpital Saint-Louis

Tarte Julie, a pastry shop installed in the former premises of a chevaline shop at 28, rue Cler. The crêpe restaurant Ulysse en Gaule is currently located at this address.

Tarte Julie, pastries on rue Cler

The barman at “The Station” at 96, boulevard de Clichy, setting the zinc bar ablaze with Zippo lighter fluid. He and the other staff kept lighting the bar on fire every 20 minutes that night.

A fire on the bar at The Station on boulevard de Clichy

Madame Paulo talking with a visitor at Le P’tit Bar, which she opened in 1965. A huge Siamese cat lying in a basket stands guard outside this minuscule café on rue Richard Lenoir.

Madame Paulo at Le P’tit Bar on rue Richard Lenoir

The former «bar-tabac» was opened under new management in summer of 1998, and has been a runaway hit since.

Young bohemian types outside Chez Prune, next to Canal Saint-Martin

Au Bistrot de la Place, one of many restaurant-cafés in place du Marché Sainte-Catherine, in the Marais.

Au Bistrot de la Place, a café in place Sainte-Catherine

Les Bains du Marais: café, coiffure and steam baths in Paris

The café in Les Bains du Marais

The dishes are done, now he’s doing the paperwork…

Roland, the barman at Café 6, on rue des Cannettes

À la Ville de Provins, a restaurant at the corner of rue Saint-Laurent, just south of Gare de l’Est.

À la Ville de Provins, a bar on boulevard de Strasbourg

The Pick-Clops café at 16 rue Vieille-du-Temple, at the corner of rue du Roi de Sicile, in the Marais.

The Pick-Clops Café, in the Marais

It seems there are dozens and dozens of bars named “le Week-End” in Paris.

Le Weekend, near Arts & Métiers

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