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Photographs of France

Pictures of Arles, Saint-Tropez, Cannes, the French Riviera, île d’Oléron, Cabourg, Les Andelys, Maincy, Giverny, Le Havre, Étretat, Lyon, and Les Sables d’Olonne, by photographer David Henry. My main specialty is photographs of Paris, on this page are pictures I have taken on vacation around the rest of France. Regardez cette page en français

All of these pictures are available as high-resolution TIFF image files, and naturally, any of these pictures can be converted to black and white. Many others were taken at each photo shoot, so there are plenty of other choices if you don’t see exactly what you are looking for. Photography shoots can also be arranged in Paris and the surrounding regions…

St-Trophime was built in the 11th and 12th centuries on the site of an 8th-century church dedicated to Saint Stephen.

The tower of Saint Trophime, a Romanesque Church in Arles

The Roman Arenas in Arles are among the best preserved. They are still used for performances and bullfights, and can seat 13,000 people.

Steps and walkways inside the Roman arena in Arles

Ana Hensley living it up with a friend at lunch in Cannes.

Seafood salad and champagne on the French Riviera

The waterfront at Saint-Tropez is filled with ultra rich and those who gaze and gawk at them.

A high-end yacht moored at Saint-Tropez

The Palm Square café inside the Splendid Hotel on rue Félix Faure in Cannes.

The Splendid Hotel in Cannes

Crawfish and mussels, essential ingredients of seafood salads served at restaurants on Canne’s waterfront.

Seafood salad in Cannes

A young man looking over the beach on the west side of île d’Oléron.

La Giraudière beach on the island of Oléron

Late spring clouds off the western coast of île d’Oléron.

Abandoned fishing piers on a beach on the island of Oléron

Saint-Pierre’s church dates from 1623, and was built on the site of a church destroyed in the 16th century during the wars of religion.

l’église de Saint-Pierre’s tower, île d’Oléron

Oyster shacks near the town of Château d’Oléron.

Oyster shacks on île d’Oléron

The Lanterne des Morts, (dead man’s lantern) was built in the 13th century, at a time when île d’Oléron was in English hands.

La Lanterne des Morts at Saint-Pierre d’Oléron

Dora washing her car at a drive-through car wash in Cabourg.

Vehicle washing activities on the northwestern coast of France

A cat drinking from the stream that runs between Grand Andelys and Petit Andelys.

A cat taking a drink of water from a stream in Les Andelys

A yield sign, with a sticker saying “Boycott USA”, at a traffic circle in front of a MacDonald’s near Maincy.

Signs telling us to yield in a variety of ways

Spring time rain gently falling on the pond in the gardens behind Claude Monet’s home in Giverny.

Rain falling on the pond in the gardens at Claude Monet’s home in Giverny

A completely shattered phone booth on the beach front in Le Havre.

A phone booth in Le Havre

The “Needle of Étretat”, a natural rock formation on Normandy’s Alabaster Coast, created by millions of years of erosion.

The “Needle of Étretat”

Two swans basking and preening on quai Claude Bernard.

Swans on quai Claude Bernard in Lyon

The 25-foot-tall clock tower on the beachfront in Les Sables d’Olonne was constructed in 1956 where a blockhaus had been built in World War II.

The clock on the boardwalk in Les Sables d’Olonne

«Le génie de la porte», a mural by Dan Arnaud-Aubin in the Île Penotte neighborhood of les Sables d’Olonne. The mouth of the face in this fresco serves as the artist’s mailbox.

A shell mural in les Sables d’Olonne

Reflections on the Atlantic Ocean, seen from the Saint-Nicolas Lighthouse in Les Sables D’Olonne.

Reflections on the sea seen from the Saint-Nicolas Jetty in Les Sables D’Olonne

A blockhaus perched on top of a dune in the State Forest of Olonne, with a sign warning of falling rocks.

A blockhouse on the beach north of Les Sables d’Olonne

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