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Education: Massachusetts College of Art, Bachelor of Arts majoring in photography,
studied with Nicholas Nixon and Baldwin Lee, September 1981–June 1987
Solo exhibitions: Candid photography in Paris, Patricia Laplante-Collins’ Paris soirées, April 3rd 2011
La Nuit de la Photo, Gallerie Chambre de Bonne, Paris, France, 1997
Humor, Light And Dark, The Piano Factory Gallery, Boston, Massachusetts, 1993
Recent Work, Primal Plunge Bookstore, Boston, Massachusetts, 1987
Act-React, Nucleo Eclettico, Boston, Massachusetts, July 1983
Instant Fame, Orion Gallery, Boston, Massachusetts, 1982
Limits, New Horizons Gallery, Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts, 1982
Quartz Timeslabs, Kick Gallery, Boston, Massachusetts, 1980
Group shows: The river Seine, façades and city landscapes of Paris at La Forge Club, Flateurville at the Hangar de Marcel in Paris, October 2010
Hype Gallery, musée de l’Art Moderne, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, 2004
Pseudo Salon, Pearl Street Galleries, Dorchester Massachusetts, 1996–2000
Death and Taxes, Tower Gallery, Longwood Gallery, Massachusetts College of Art, 1991
Social Terrorism, Blue Gallery at Mobius Theater, Boston, Massachusetts, 1987
The Surrealist Ball, Lafayette Hotel, Boston, Massachusetts, 1985
Alchemie Gallery, Gallery debut show, Boston, Massachusetts 1983
A Stiff Belt of Americana, The Gallery East, Boston, Massachusetts, 1981
This Was New Wave, Longwood Gallery, Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, Massachusetts, 1980
Books: The da Vinci Code Illustrated Screenplay, Doubleday and Broadway Books, by Akiva Goldsman, May 2006.
The da Vinci Code, Japanese edition, Kadokawa Shoten Publishing, April 2006
The da Vinci Code Travel Journal, Potter Style, April 2006
The da Vinci Code, Collector’s illustrated edition by Dan Brown, Doubleday, November 2004
Paris & île-de-France Adventure Guide, written by Heather Stimmler-Hall, Hunter Publishing, October 2004
Orient Express: Paris Revisited, by Alison Culliford, Chrysalis Books, October 2003
Traveler’s Canada Companion: 99 pictures in a 474-page book, published May 1999
Traveler’s New England Companion: 8 pictures in a 383-page book, published September 1999
     Look at the pictures I had published in this book.
Traveler’s Mediterranean France Companion: 8 pictures in a 414-page book, published August 2000
     Look at the pictures I had published in this book.
Newspapers: The Connexion, The Boston Globe, The Boston Herald, The Boston Phoenix, New York Newsday, The Allston Brighton Journal, The Cambridge Chronicle, The Somerville Journal, The Somerville Community News, The Jamaica Plain Gazette, The Providence Business Journal, The Fitchburg-Leominster Sentinel and Enterprise, The Gay Community News, Kit Clark News, Spare Change.
Magazines: Réponses Photo, Historia, Art Papers, Virtuoso Travel+Life, Time Out, Easy Jet Magazine, What You Need, Art New England, Version 90, Street Magazine, Rock Against Sexism, Sweet Potato, Monster Withouta Brain, Quimby Quarterly, Oak Square, The Beat, The Noise, Boston Rock, Free Lunch, The Fine Print, Tambour, Adbusters, Forbes Four Seasons magazine.
Newsletters: SOS Education, Opening Doors, Bright Ideas, Horizons.
Web sites: Parisien Salon, Girls’ Guide to Paris, Anglo Info Paris, Thomas Cook Travel Belgium, Paris International, David Bitton Design, Unique Paris, Vacation in Paris, Maria d’Arcy, Talking Tree, Rafael Rodriguez, Vignec Village, a tourist resort complex in the French Pyrenees.
Women’s Institute for Housing and Economic Development; Southwest Boston Senior Services; World Education; John Snow Incorporated; Tufts University; Widdett, Slater & Goldman; Bureau of Primary Health Care, Bingham, Dana & Gould; Jobs With Peace; Massachusetts Cultural Alliance.
LP, CD and
cassette covers:
Don’t be Scared, Elixir, Indifference, Marketplace, The Proletariat; Vivisect, Vivisect; Bark and Froth, Toecutter; Video Lizards, Mickey Bliss; A Dong Market, Leaves in Virginia, Gas Giants, Bulkhead; She Has You, Miss Xanna Don’t; Prettier Than You, Brian Stevens; Mile Wide, Mile Wide; Jan Mulder.
Film & video: Les Américains de Paris, a documentary produced by George Bensoussan and Catherine Bastière of Expand Drama, shown seven times on NRJ Paris, November 2008 and many times after; Paris Sensation, a forty-minute show in two episodes about the da Vinci Code Phenomenon in Paris; The mystery of love, video sequences shot for a fundraising clip for Julie Rose Wilde, a jazz singer in Savannah, Georgia; Paris Rendez-Vous, a three-minute documentary about Belleville, a neighborhood in Paris, by Esther Gimenez, created for Channel 4 “The Slot” as part of the Entente Cordiale centenary celebrations, broadcast on September 8th, 2004.
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