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Commander des tirages…

Pictures of street demonstrations in Paris

photographs of place de la Bastille, avenue Victoria, the Front National, boulevard Beaumarchais, place de la République, American expatriates, the Mouvement National Républicain, and Bruno Mégret in place du Palais Royal, by photographer David Henry. Regardez cette page en français

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A young girl on avenue Victoria holding a sign reading “Liberty, Democracy for Arabic people” the day after Muhammad Hosni Sayyid Mubarak resigned as president of Egypt, February 11th 2011.

A little girl celebrating the resignation of Hosni Mubarak

A van belonging to the Régie Autonome des Transports Parisiens toppled on the north side of boulevard de Rochechouart in the aftermath of demonstrations against Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip, July 19th 2014.

An RATP van turned over and burned near Barbès-Rochechouart

Youths protesting Le Pen’s electoral results on colonne de Juillet, May First, 2002

A street demonstration in place de la Bastille

The results of this vote set off a series of demonstrations in the streets one almost every day.

Crowds of people demonstrating on the colonne de Juillet in place de la Bastille, May First, 2002

Teenagers demonstrating against the Front National on May First, 2002

Students protesting against the Front National on May First, 2002

The sign says, “Stop the Gangrene”

A street demonstration against the Front National in Paris on May First, 2002

People protesting against the National Front on boulevard Beaumarchais in Paris, May First, 2002

Three men protesting against the Front National, in Paris, May First, 2002

An American expatriate contingent protesting against the National Front in place de la Bastille, May First, 2002

Americans protesting against the Front National in Paris, May First, 2002

Chirac supporters in place de la République on election night, May 5th, 2002.

Jacques Chirac supporters celebrating, in Paris, May 5, 2002

This was just a few weeks after a major split occurred in the National Front, where Jean-Marie Le Pen’s second-in-command decided to quit and form his own party, the MNR, or Mouvement National Républican. On the left hand side of the picture you can see Mégret’s wife, Catherine Mégret, who was elected mayor of Vitrolles, a small city in the south of France in 1997. She was reelected in 2001

Bruno Mégret and his wife in place du Palais Royal, Paris, May First, 1999

The sign on his rolling cart says, “SDF Lepeniste, pouvez-vous m’aider / 5F 10 50 100 200 500F[rancs] / Tous [blacked out] / Merci pour lui.”

A homeless Front National supporter, in place du Palais Royal, Paris, May First, 1999

The play on words could take a few sentences to explain, but suffice to say that «Bush de là Blaireau» means “Hick get lost”.

Parisians protesting against George W. Bush’ war agitations, February 15, 2003

There were many other foreigners in that day’s demonstrations

Americans protesting against Iraqi war plans, place de la Bastille, February 15th 2003

A memorial plaque was placed on Pont-Marie on October 17th, 2001, the 40th anniversary of the brutal repression of a demonstration march of people protesting against a curfew prohibiting Algerians from circulating after 9 pm during the Algerian war of independence.

A memorial plaque placed in the memory of Algerians killed a 1961 protest, October 17th, 2001

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