Better than a magazine, a club!

By Courtesy is a unique magazine whose goal is to tell the story of exceptional people and things in fields as diverse as art, literature, travel, architecture, gastronomy and style. Published in French and English, printed at 11.7x16.5 inches, only numbered and never dated, it is intended to be read and saved as a true collector’s item. Resolutely international, its contributors are writers and artists of great talent. The reader is entertained with full-page illustrations in vibrant colors and the incisive articles written with distant distinct perspectives read like gems of literature. Courtesy has released five issues distributed in distinctive places, in high-end hotels, bookshops museums and art galleries in Paris, London, New York, Tel Aviv, Barcelona and Geneva.

By Courtesy magazine is published twice a year and remains high-end and timeless. It is distributed in specialist bookshop, the Senate, the Ministry of Culture, luxury Parisian hotels, the headquarters of large corporations, doctors, notaries and lawyers. By Courtesy does not advertise the way most magazines do but opens its editorial production to partners on the same wave length with its editorial line. By Courtesy is distributed in the best shops, boutiques and restaurants, chosen according to specialty of these businesses, showcasing them in a non-competitive way in each issue of the magazine. Finally, By Courtesy ensures the magazine can always be seen and purchased where ever it is sold.