A homeless lady screaming on rue du Cloître Notre-Dame.

A homeless lady screaming on rue du Cloître Notre-Dame, March 15th 2009. I was in front of the cathedral when I heard someone screaming halfway down the street. I approached quickly and found her bellowing all kinds of incomprehensible things about French president Nicolas Sarkozy. She rummaged around the trash bag, found some napkins, started to hike up her skirt, then said, “No, that won’t do, that guy’s going to take my picture”. She continued on to the square in front of Notre-Dame, and proceeded to bend over and eject her contents against a tree. Being a Sunday with pleasant early spring weather, there were plenty of visitors and tourists in front of the church, those who noticed were amazed and slack-jawed. Place your mouse cursor over these images to see the eight other pictures I took that day…

A homeless woman preparing to take down her skirt in order to defecate next to Notre-Dame.
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